Wednesday, November 10, 2010



again I didn't update as much as I promised. Maybe I just shouldn't apologize anymore and promise to be better since that won't happen anyway :)
Again a lot of happened in the last weeks, I finally have my own apartement and I can't really describe how awesome it is NOT to share everything with 10 other people, how nice it is to know that no one will eat your stuff away from the fridge and how peaceful it is to sleep without someone deciding to re-decorate their room in the middle of the night (I mean seriously?).

I come back to you with a new painting called "Poesie" (german for "Poesy"). This was another experiment. So lately I like to experiment a lot with techniques etc. For the background I decided to use real watercolor paper. I scanned it and laid it over with a filter. I think it gives this digital piece the feeling of a real painting and it also adds nice overall effects. In contrast I painted the figure and other stuff over the layer with the watercolor paper. I quite like how it came out.
Also the background is referenced from a landscape painting I have hanging in my room (or had since I moved and at the moment I can't quite bring myself to put nails into the wall) because it just had the right atmosphere for what I wanted to achieve and also was painted in the style I wanted this one to be (does that sound confusing?). I find this much more intresting than to reference from photos since those old styled oil paintings have a special magic that I really like. Overall it also makes the painting look less "polished".

So I have another little experiment in my mind for my next painting, we'll see how that plays out.

For now I hope you enjoy hearing from me again ;)



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