Saturday, November 20, 2010


That's right I'm updating more than once in a month. Great isn't it ? ;)

I have a new painting called "Bronze & Rubin" on my Homepage.

It has similar to "Poesie" a watercolor paper based background but this time I overlayed it about all of the painting and just erased a few parts around the face of the girl. I also added a pencil drawing and parts of a watercolor painting to the background as well as parts of it over the bird.I wanted to give this painting the feeling of a "coming to life" painting if you know what I mean, that's why for example the little red flower on the top left has a very 2 dimensional look (here I also increased the watercolor paper layer to that the structure becomes more visible).

I also was happy to receive my copy of Spectrum 17 today and let me tell you that it's just absolutely beautiful. So much inspiration, so much great art. I think what makes a good art book is when you keep starring at one picture or page for quite some time instead of just browsing through the book quickly. I plan to make an extra entry showing you my favorite art from the book but I would really recommened this to every one who is truly intrested in illustration and storytelling in paintings ;) I plan means I hope I find the time haha XD



Karin Schmyntt said...

Bronze & Rubin is great, Bente. I truly love your art.
And congrats for being featured on Spectrum 17 as well!

Bente Schlick's Artblog said...

Thanks Karin. Funny thing is just a few days ago I accidently stumbled upon you on deviantart. Great stuff there, keep it up ;)

morteza said...

another great art, i love it.