Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I hear Voices

....I really do. My cat's voices that are. Never thought such a little creature could make so many different sounds. If there ever was a glossary about what each of them means I would so buy it.
Speaking of my cat, it's her birthday today and no I didn't plan to upload my new piece of art exactly on this day. It just happened that I remembered it was her 3rd birthday (in my defence I have to say I only have her for 2 month now).

So yeah the most important thing is I am finally, finally finished with this new painting. Took me ages and in between I wanted to abandon it completely. I was aiming for a slightly different format here & as you see more than one protagonist.

Next thing I'm planning is to "recycle" some old paintings I never really finished (going throuh old files can be really surprising) and then I can't wait to start working on my working station (two big monitors) instead of my small laptop.
Ohhh and of course my website design. I do have an idea, just no IDEA when I'll have the time to work on it *sighs* and really everyone uses awesome flash stuff on their websites and I feel so oldschool so rely on CSS and html only haha XD. I guess I kind of missed the train.

Anyway, hope you're all well.
Sending all my hopes & prayers to the people in Japan!


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