Friday, April 15, 2011

good news, bad news

Hello folks!

I have some news for you. Actually some good news and some bad news.

The good news are:

Heaven and Earth Design licensed a few pictures of mine and you can already find some of the Cross Stitch Designs at (for a link to find my charts look up my website)

Also Reinders, a big German poster company ( has licensed "Touch of Gold" as a poster now. Check out your local stores for it ;)

I also have a new painting for you titled "A Stranger Awaits", another attempt of diving into urban fantasy. I really like the outcome. Also I used oil painting surface as a texture :) So no fairies at the moment :)-
Life is just not a fairytale at the moment....which bring me to the bad news:

Working is going a little slower than I would like to. I few days back I was told that I've been running around with an eye defect for quite some time. I had some problems with my eyes before but it was usually just for a short time and then it got better again. But the last weeks were horrible for me as I had strong headaches and could barely work. I also notied that I couldn't read things from afar as well as I could before. Still I thought this was due to too much work. Well that was until I went to the doctor a few days back who told me I had an astigmatism on the right eye (the left eye is almost perfectly fine). So now I wait for my new glasses to get finished and until then will only be able to work half as much as before. For me that sucks cause I am a workaholic and I absolutely hate it not being able to work when I want so much.
Anyway the good thing is, it already got better due to the eyedrops I got and due to me relaxing a little and when I get these glasses I'll only need to wear them for work and not all day long .....still it came a bit unexpected.

But my glasses will rock haha XD