Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I has feet

His name is Walter. He has feet.

Just some sketch.

Thinking of making a sketch section on my website...I have an idea for a sketchy project...that's what happens when you suffer from insomnia.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hello folks,

It feels like ages since I updated my gallery but I'm finally back with a new painting called "Be still my troubled heart". The creature on the woman's shoulder is not supposed to be a specific animal but I looked at a mixture of swans, great white egrets and other birds for reference.
Ultimately this could be my version of a succubus. At first it looked way more scary and the tree was part of its wing. Somehow the composition looked weird so I decided to give it two full wings and it's up to your imagination if the tree with the roses (and with that the world that surrounds the girl) is part of the creature or if it's just part of the enviroment
Does the girl know that the creature is sitting on her shoulder? Is is good or evil? Why is she crying? I have an idea, but I leave it up to you tehee ;).

I hope I'm able to update more regularly now. I really am quite busy and together with some not-so-nice events that recently occurred in my life I really had nothing to add to my gallery. My fingers are itching to renew my website design but I have absolutely no time.

Good news are that my agency made a few great deals lately so expect some more news on that side soon.

That's pretty much it, I'll continue to try not to melt on my laptop (can't stand hot summer days like this) and hopefully will be back with something new soon.

Take care,


P.S Just want to shout out a Happy Birthday to my friend Julia- I know it's still two hours away, but just in case I won't meet you online today anymore. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to visit my hometown again soon!